Publish date: 13 October 2022

The new Operating Framework sets out the roles that NHS England, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and NHS providers will now play, working alongside our partners in the wider health and care system. It describes how we will need to work together to improve local health and care outcomes while making the best use of all available resources.

The Operating Framework sets out the roles of NHS England nationally, our regions, and our ICBs. To deliver on these ambitions we need to change how NHS England is designed and works, so that we can best lead the NHS to deliver high-quality services for all. To do this we need to create a simpler, smaller, high performing, organisation that leads the NHS more effectively and is a better place to work, with equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of all we do.

The Operating Framework will underpin the new NHS England programme, to ensure our new Integrated Care Systems have the space to lead locally as they work with frontline providers to improve patient care and long term health outcomes for the communities they serve, and; NHS England continues to do only those things that are best done at national and regional level.

Operating Framework for the new NHS England

NHS England Operating Framework Summary