Publish date: 19 October 2023

NHS England Healthcare and Inequalities Improvement Team have published the first NHS England Inclusion Health Framework to mark World Homeless Day (10 October 2023).  A blog by Laura Devlin, a GP for Inclusion and Homeless Health in Somerset has also been published.

With the hope that NHS organisations and partners will use the framework to take practical action to reduce inequalities for those in inclusion health groups. NHSE Healthcare and Inequalities Improvement Team would be grateful if you would raise awareness of the framework amongst networks and social media and support people to use it.  

A webinar is also being hosted on 20 November to explore how this framework and the recently published Digital Inclusion Framework can be applied in practice to help NHS systems reduce healthcare inequalities. You can register for the event here.

The team are happy to support stakeholder events where possible. For further information and to let them know how you intend to share or implement the framework, please contact the team at