Publish date: 7 August 2023

The System Partnerships team at NHS England (NHSE) are pleased to share –Major Service Change: An Interactive Handbook - June 2023. This toolkit provides advice, information, and support to those with responsibilities related to service change and reconfiguration. Information for each section of the service change process can be found with links to supporting resources, case studies, key documents and other materials.

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Many of the links in this handbook lead to the "Service Change and Reconfiguration Future NHS Workspace" which is free to join and open to anyone working in NHS service change. The handbook was reviewed and refreshed in June 2023 based on legislative and statutory duties in line with the Health and Care Act 2022. Further updates will be made as required to align with any secondary legislation or new guidance issued.

Further advice can be sought from your NHSE regional team on the potential impact of legislative change on your proposals.

Visit our resources page for further resources and information.