Published reviews undertaken by the North West Clinical Senate.

Greater Preston Clinical Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Chorley & South Ribble CCG commissioned Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria (GMLSC) Clinical Senate to undertake an indepedent clinical review, in line with the NHS England stage 2 assurance process of the proposed "Our Health Our Care" acute models of care for Central Lancashire.

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NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), in its capacity as lead commissioner on behalf of the commissioning partners, commissioned Cheshire & Merseyside (C&M) Clinical Senate to undertake an independent clinical review in line with the NHS England Stage 2 assurance process, of the proposals to redesign the Adults & Older People’s Specialist Mental Health Services in Eastern Cheshire, South Cheshire and Vale Royal.

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In July 2019, the C&M Clinical Senate asked our colleagues in the Northern England (NE) Clinical Senate if they would be willing to accept a referral from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC). This was due to conflicts of interest held by both of the NW Clinical Senate Chairs.  NE colleagues kindly accepted the referral to undertake an independent clinical review to inform the decision-making process regarding the interim model for Haemato-oncology services. The interim period is until the completion of the new Royal Liverpool Hospital build, and the review paid particular attention to escalation and access to critical care service, given the delay in opening the new hospital.

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Yorkshire and The Humber Clinical Senate were asked to advise on the comprehensiveness of the Case for Change and advise on any clinical concerns within the proposed scenarios. We were also asked to consider each clinical work stream and assess whether there is a compelling clinical vision for the future which will address the strategic quality gaps identified. We hope that this report helps to move forward those discussions to a preferred model of services.

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Wirral Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) commissioned Greater Manchester, Lancashire & South Cumbria (GML&SC) Clinical Senate to undertake an independent clinical review of the proposed plans for urgent and emergency care services delivery in Wirral.  This included a one day site visit in November to Arrowe Park Hospital.  During the day the panel split into two groups: Group one visiting Miriam MIU and APH WIC and Group 2 visiting VGH MIU and WIC.  Throughout the day, panel members met key colleagues to gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced, the opportunities for improving patient care and services, and to hear a range of views and thoughts.

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Morecambe Bay CCG commissioned the Greater Manchester, Lancs & South Cumbria Clinical Senate to undertake an independent review of the provider's planned actions and response to the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists' Option 1 for the "Reconfiguration of Obstetric and Maternity Services in Cumbria 2014".  This included a two day site visit in October to University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBFT).  The report regarding this review was approved by Morecambe Bay CCG's Governing Body on 20th March 2018

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Report from a workshop around Better Care Together, the Clinical Senate and Lancaster North CCG’s transformation programme, which explored how Morecambe Bay health and care services could move at pace towards the development of an accountable care system focused on population health.

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The Greater Manchester Clinical Senate received a request from Fylde and Wyre CCG commissioners to undertake an independent clinical review of proposed plans for a community dermatology service and referral management system.

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GMLSC Clinical Senate was asked to review the plans for the Greater Manchester Integrated Stroke Service, with a view to providing clinical advice that would strengthen the working of the proposed future network model.

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GMLSC Clinical Senate was commissioned by Healthier Together to provide clinical advice to commissioners that would support assurance of the recommendations made by the NCAT within the report of the review.

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