• We are pleased to announce that in Spring 2023 we will be holding two joint development days for our council and assembly colleagues.

    23 March 2023

  • Cancelled - New tentative date 18th April 2023 The North West Clinical Senate Clinical Review Masterclass Clinical Senates across England are increasingly undertaking Independent Clinical Reviews of large-scale service change and calling on both Senate Council and Assembly members within and outside its region to sit on the review panels. Attending the masterclass will give you an understanding of the Clinical Review Process led by Senates, the value of sitting on a Clinical Panel, the mechanisms for inputting into different stages of clinical model development as well as to equip you for input into future panels.

    18 April 2023

  • Following the postponement of the ‘Addendum to Planning, assuring and delivering service change for patients’ session in September, The System Transformation team at NHS England are pleased to announce this module will now date place on Thursday 3rd November 2022.

    3 November 2022

  • The System Transformation team at NHS England are pleased to announce new dates for cycle three of the learning and development programme for major service change. This is a national training offer, the purpose of which is to provide learning on the fundamental components that drive service change, as well as the opportunity to develop peer-to-peer networking with colleagues working in and around service change. So far, we have delivered this programme to over 230 colleagues, with positive evaluation on content and delivery.

    13 October 2022

  • The new Operating Framework sets out the roles that NHS England, Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) and NHS providers will now play, working alongside our partners in the wider health and care system. It describes how we will need to work together to improve local health and care outcomes while making the best use of all available resources.

    13 October 2022

  • While digital transformation of services can make it easier for some people to access care, for others digital approaches can create extra barriers.

    12 October 2022